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I am today’s years old when I start my career in the weirdest corp possible. Oh, it’s not a corp, it's a start-up.

Start-up already becomes a trend since I entered my freshman year in 2016. A lot of new companies suddenly appeared with bags of cash. They believe that it will be the future of economics.

A few of them actually did. Nowadays, everyone could become a CEO.

According to Statista, in March 2020 there were 804,398 businesses that were less than 1 year old, an increase on the March 2019 figure of 770,609 all across the United States. A very huge number, right?

In Indonesia, we’re almost there… kinda.

Indonesia sits with almost 2.219 new companies registered in 2021. …

this club taught me that life isn’t about winning — neither losing.

I felt affection for this club a couple of years ago.

It’s kind of weird actually, the way I put them in the bucket of my favorite club. It was because of my father who suddenly came home and brought a brand new jersey of the greatest Chelsea Football Club.

Also, this is not an ordinary jersey.

I found out that this jersey was their home kit when they’ve crowned the Champions League title in the 2011–2012 season. As a kid, I felt really special. I’m honored.

But not my dad.

He said to me that that’s the only kid-size…

Cliche. But let’s find out.

This article is going to be complete nonsense.

I’ve been questioning about everything lately. About my existence, my presence, my goals. One thing I do recognize is, there’s some broken clutch that still can’t be fixed yet.

Oops, bad news right here guys. That flipping clutch is often called confidence. Where did they go?

I believe confidence is everything you can get in life. Anybody can be whatever they want only with one confidence. It can be built, you can be trained with. Also, it’s an investment, something’s future-worthy.

It’s clear that I knew about it. Actually, the funniest part…

Ji Pyeong is simply a phenomenal character— Jungpal part II incoming.

Warning — this article shows alignments to #TeamHanJiPyeong. Any Nam Do-San ship should be drowned as soon as it possibly could. Thank you.

It’s clear that Seo Dal-Mi already sniffing something’s going on between these two — Mr. Han and Nam-Do San.

I mean if I was Dal-mi, everything comes to you in a very suspicious way. I would probably spinal lock-ing somebody, probably Nam Do-San, until they told me the truth.

Since it was not her fault for being such a genuine lady, it would be better for her to found out the truth by herself.

Well, she’ll figure…

disinilah film Indonesia diarsipkan. kondisinya sekarang seperti sedang dalam perbaikan tak berujung.

Perfilman Indonesia pernah besar di masa lalu. Sekitar awal dekade 1970-an hingga awal tahun 1990-an, industri perfilman Indonesia sempat mengalami fase naik dan turun layaknya roller-coaster di sebuah wahana permainan yang banyak digemari orang-orang. Kita tahu, beberapa ada yang sangat menikmati wahana tersebut — namun ada juga yang tidak menghiraukannya.

Misbach Yusa Biran, seorang mantan sutradara kondang dan penulis naskah film di tahun 1970-an, yang juga suami dari Nani Wijaya, merupakan satu dari sekian juta orang yang menikmati roller-coaster tersebut. …

sayonara anxiety.

I think you already know that Instagram sometimes triggering.

Don't get me wrong. I know most of you — or probably a billion people on earth are using Instagram since it already becomes part of our daily basis. Many even use it as a place to make a few bucks.

But we got to accept that it’s not for everybody.

For some people, scrolling through pictures of others — dudes with fancy cars, college graduation party full of flowers and presents, or even as simple as a complete family photoshoot can be so depressing. …

living in my home country is kind of excruciating lately.

Recently I felt horrible about the republic. If you’re Indonesian, you must’ve felt the same. Every day you woke up and the news keeps on annoying and depressing for more and more and more.

While you listening to what happened, you know what ACTUALLY happens is nothing like what the media brings to you. Apparently, we’re just contributing to the impression, clicks, and insights, but nothing’s really solved as feedback for us. I don't really acknowledge if such ‘bad’ news can bring you the real news.

It’s like false claims happen everywhere. All the evidence out there getting rejected —…

ten years ago my little brother was born.

and since then I thought; me — a 12 years old kid at the time — could be struggled in a way more difficult path than having only one sibling as before.

but things slip through the cracks, right?

*thunder SFX comes in*

...uh nope. the weather was fine that day.

A Day Before

October 4th, 2010.

I just found out that there’s nothing more calming than the night before your life changed forever.

As long as I remember, I was out for some Kwetiaw for my mom. I got home with three gigantic packs of noodles. the food tastes good, we ate…


cinema freaks. communication and media amateur. writing because kind words cost nothing.

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