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living in my home country is kind of excruciating lately.

4 min readOct 9, 2020


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Recently I felt horrible about the republic. If you’re Indonesian, you must’ve felt the same. Every day you woke up and the news keeps on annoying and depressing for more and more and more.

While you listening to what happened, you know what ACTUALLY happens is nothing like what the media brings to you. Apparently, we’re just contributing to the impression, clicks, and insights, but nothing’s really solved as feedback for us. I don't really acknowledge if such ‘bad’ news can bring you the real news.

It’s like false claims happen everywhere. All the evidence out there getting rejected — while people keep on accepting what they think that's fit their opinion, no matter if it’s true or not. Sadly, the government is the ‘one’ who disseminate these methods deeply to us without making noises.

Poorly Informed, Upscale Emotion

We’re in a gulag. Even though in the recent past, the same exact circumstances were turned up another revolution inside the government, I don't think it would happen repeatedly in the near future.

Simply because today we’re disintegrated.

I once remembered my lecture in the journalism basics class mentioned about the concept of the post-truth era. I’m not going to explain what is it, its a concept, you can google it or whatever.

Post-truth is where the situation nearly shows us that people (or in this case, Indonesian) genuinely forgot the difference between opinions and facts.

The key point here is — the similarity.

One person to others with a similar opinion about rejecting, let's say, the famous Omnibus Law (latest controversial law)— could end up in the same bubble and cause to growing something like ignorance dan fear.

This is the part that personally I hate; ignorance is beyond control. There might be academics, but there are hundreds of thousands of less-educated bubblegum-logic chaotic individuals that probably way easier to be persuaded and become anarchist.

Most of the time, after the perpetual same information and persuasion about what’s fair and…




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