Did I Quit Instagram For This?

sayonara anxiety.



photo by seth/@dudewithsign on Twitter

I think you already know that Instagram sometimes triggering.

Don't get me wrong. I know most of you — or probably a billion people on earth are using Instagram since it already becomes part of our daily basis. Many even use it as a place to make a few bucks.

But we got to accept that it’s not for everybody.

For some people, scrolling through pictures of others — dudes with fancy cars, college graduation party full of flowers and presents, or even as simple as a complete family photoshoot can be so depressing. It causes insecurities, shortened our attention span, or even makes us feels like we’re in a rush.

If we looked at years ago before this platform become a thing, I don't remember we were attached this bad to something we don't really know. Social media gives us a variety of options that we could choose to distract ourselves from something at any moment. So at some point, we look more like a junkie.

As Tristan Harris wrote, that whatever the technologies we saw in the past, and what we use in the present, in fact radically changed everything. The main reason why most of us fall that deep is simply that we don't see it changed.

The platform seemed to dictate our perspective of proper happiness and joy. Technically, it’s not a hundred percent their fault — but I guess it’s fair to say that they are responsible for the system.

Also, people fight a lot on this app.

(Not So) Delusional

I was addicted to the Instagram universe.

I claimed myself an addict because I slept and woke up seeing hundreds of stories from all my mutual for entertainment. Whenever I’m tired of my work, or when I’m feeling frustrated about losing in life, even when I’m on the toilet — Instagram was always an option.

Let me tell you my situation real quick.

You are me. You’ve been using this app for about four years now. You enjoyed using this app for multiple purposes like seeing someone’s portfolio, art, comedy, marketing, and design. You don’t really use it for a trend like showing off or something, you just looking for peaceful entertainment.




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