If You Hate Chelsea, The Whole Football Game Won’t Suit You

this club taught me that life isn’t about winning — neither losing.

5 min readNov 5, 2020


frank lampard. the coach, the legend.

I felt affection for this club a couple of years ago.

It’s kind of weird actually, the way I put them in the bucket of my favorite club. It was because of my father who suddenly came home and brought a brand new jersey of the greatest Chelsea Football Club.

Also, this is not an ordinary jersey.

I found out that this jersey was their home kit when they’ve crowned the Champions League title in the 2011–2012 season. As a kid, I felt really special. I’m honored.

But not my dad.

He said to me that that’s the only kid-size jersey left in the store. He actually on the docket to buy me an Arsenal jersey.

God loves me that day — or else today I probably ended up become an Arsenal fan. That must be suck. I just can’t imagine watching Xhaka and got frustrated all weekend. Would you?

What’s Big from The Big Club

For me, I think it’s because of our mentality.

I mean, we could literally see why this club is this big — there are world-class players out here carrying out every match for us. Also, look at the majestic Stamford Bridge, our home stadium. I mean, that alone cost Roman Abramovich billions of dollars to build.

My point is, they are financially one of the biggest franchises in the world. But, it’s just doesn’t instantly make them a club everyone adores.

For example, look at Manchester City.

Chelsea is a club for everyone who loves watching matches by matches of people running around trying their best to keep the ball out of their net.

Chelsea is a club for anybody who’s passionate about winning.

Chelsea (also) is a club where a goalie like Kepa Arrizabalaga ended up loaned to the farmer league, no cap.

I’m just kidding. Respect to him. I wish he can speak French after all.

This place is literally the warzone of football — everyone better be prepared to die, or, choose to fight for the London pride.




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