Is It Bad To Live A Life Hoping Something?

Cliche. But let’s find out.




This article is going to be complete nonsense.

I’ve been questioning about everything lately. About my existence, my presence, my goals. One thing I do recognize is, there’s some broken clutch that still can’t be fixed yet.

Oops, bad news right here guys. That flipping clutch is often called confidence. Where did they go?

I believe confidence is everything you can get in life. Anybody can be whatever they want only with one confidence. It can be built, you can be trained with. Also, it’s an investment, something’s future-worthy.

It’s clear that I knew about it. Actually, the funniest part is I don’t really lose my confidence. It’s just started to decreasing rapidly.

I believe this is what we all have been felt for centuries, indirectly. Why would I let that decreased? Why would we let that decreased? I’m talking about humanity right here guys.

On so many levels, we are actually losing confidence in anything because of our expectations.

As for macros, everyone's biggest disappointment appeared from losing confidence to each other. We just lost confidence number one. As for micros, it affects our dignity. We’re going to easily offend by anything if there is no confidence left.

Hope creates expectations. Hope seems to be a fantasy.

As a child, I don’t realize that expectation kills. If that expectation literally put a bullet in my head, this probably my 500th-time reincarnation. Though I am 22 years old, this dumb child still haunts me every single day.

Since I basically wrote what I just thought, this comes to the point of an end where every story just hanging around with no solutions.

A little reminder, don’t let hope going around your neck. Be realistic and eager. Don’t break your rhythm just to put yourself in someone’s shoes.

Remember, it only called hope when you don’t do shit. Do something and suddenly it becomes a plan.

Anyway, why would I write something nonsense about life that actually no one gives a damn?

I don't know. Maybe there is someone that actually suffered from things like me. Haha. LMAO. Well, I hope so. Did I just write hope? Ah fuck it. Been there, done that.

Also, I often disagree with friends that told me to just take it easy and keep everything’s simple. Bro, I’m a goddamn writer. It’s my job to make everything sounds dramatic you fuck.



sign the hell out.




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