Six Lesson I’ve Learned When Working For A Start-Up

I am today’s years old when I start my career in the weirdest corp possible. Oh, it’s not a corp, it's a start-up.




Start-up already becomes a trend since I entered my freshman year in 2016. A lot of new companies suddenly appeared with bags of cash. They believe that it will be the future of economics.

A few of them actually did. Nowadays, everyone could become a CEO.

According to Statista, in March 2020 there were 804,398 businesses that were less than 1 year old, an increase on the March 2019 figure of 770,609 all across the United States. A very huge number, right?

In Indonesia, we’re almost there… kinda.

Indonesia sits with almost 2.219 new companies registered in 2021. However, the majority of that growth only appeared in Jawa districts.

I realize that it's hard to get a real job here in my country. Whatever your education is, you have to start from scratch. But with a start-up, it felt like we even start digging from the core of the earth.

1. Always take something

No matter which level you begin, it always essential to know how far a certain company will take you through. Since we know that any position is replaceable, take “something” while you can.

2. Beware of a grumbler

There is always this toxic member of the team who talking smack almost all day long. They probably just join your start-up — but they already judging this, judging that.

So beware of that kind of grumbler. They’re poisonous.

3. Listen, but aware of the condition

Communication and relationship are essential when you just arrived. It’s good to listen to everything and every story while building your trust.

But always look for the real condition. Don’t take it too far, it brings you only for nothing, seriously. Make sure you give it a try, the most important person in the room must notice you.

4. Trial and error




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