This Is Start-Up, They Gonna Messed You Up

Ji Pyeong is simply a phenomenal character— Jungpal part II incoming.



eye contact.

Warning — this article shows alignments to #TeamHanJiPyeong. Any Nam Do-San ship should be drowned as soon as it possibly could. Thank you.

It’s clear that Seo Dal-Mi already sniffing something’s going on between these two — Mr. Han and Nam-Do San.

I mean if I was Dal-mi, everything comes to you in a very suspicious way. I would probably spinal lock-ing somebody, probably Nam Do-San, until they told me the truth.

Since it was not her fault for being such a genuine lady, it would be better for her to found out the truth by herself.

Well, she’ll figure it out anyway. So what stops you from telling her the truth, Mr. Han?

He’s Dumb

I think there are a few reasons why this guy — “the savior” Mr. Han (we should all agree about that nickname) choose to keep his mouth shut and let Dal-Mi having fun with Nam Do-San.

The first one is, he’s quite an idiot.

As we see, this guy has never been into a relationship his whole life. In fact, Dal-Mi was the only girl he texted at the time he has a desire to fall in love with a girl.

Remember, it also happened 15 years ago.

A very successful guy, financially stable, and a sports car — of course, his ego would be nothing like the Seoul Tower.

Also, he already contemplatively stole Dal-mi’s attention since the first time they met at the party. But here’s the problem — he knows really well which figures she’s been waiting for this whole time.

Which is the (not so) fake Nam Do-san.

Although he’s a quite pathetic love-life person, Ji-Pyeong still wonderful to watch.

He analyzes everything, even if the small unimportant thing that could lead him to nowhere. Before Dal-Mi came (again) to his life, he literally has everything.

Now, the table somehow has been turned. We agree that he actually got nothing to be compared with Do-San right now (I mean, Dal-mi french-kissed Do-San already, like, what just happened?).




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